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While Armin is debriefed on what has happened while he was unconscious, Conny busies himself bringing Sasha water.[38]. Eine Woche später besuchte Connie erneut sein Heimatdorf mit Hanji Zoe, um den Titan auf seinem Haus näher zu untersuchen. After Hange and their squad rescue them,[15] Conny joins the group in returning to Wall Rose. Afterwards, Jean accuses Conny and Sasha of cheating. Conny graduates ranked 8th among the 104th Cadet Corps. The group devises a plan to rescue Christa and get back the omni-directional mobility gear, Conny helps bring down the tree to prevent the thieves from taking the widest road. Conny goes with Armin to retrieve her, warning them that they need to move before Titans arrive. Er ist einer der besseren Kämpfer der Gruppe, und war einer der zwei Personen, die die Titanen nicht mit einem Hieb töten konnten. [14] Like all the others, he is shocked to see Ymir turn into a Titan, noting that while Eren at first had no idea of his Titan powers, Ymir seems to have been fully conscious of it the whole time. エレンはハンネスが目の前でダイナ巨人体に食われた際も己の不甲斐なさを呪って泣き笑ったので同じ感情だと思われるが真相は不明である。その直後のトロスト区攻防戦の日の回想を考えるに、彼女の死を何とも思っていないわけではなさそうである。 Hopeful of the future, the group return to cleaning and repairing the cannons only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of the Colossal Titan. Trainingseinheit müssen sie die kleinen Titanen die in den Turm eindringen aufhalten. Nach dem Sieg führt er ein jahr später eine Gruppe an, um die restlichen Titanen in der Außenwelt zu töten. That's what I like about him. 皮肉なことだが、サシャの死によって初めて彼女の存在の大きさや彼女がいなくなったことの重大さが痛感される事態になっていると言える。.

After Hange and Mikasa manage to blind Reiner, Conny and the rest of the squad use their Thunder Spears to hit his Titan form's nape and expose his human body. He is among the seven cadets assigned to take down a Titan in the supply room with one strike. "Scout Regiment"[15]) is composed of expeditionary soldiers that venture outside the Walls. They have been shown to be far more skilled and disciplined than the rest of the Military Police, though their main specialties are in fighting other humans rather than Titans. The Eldians conquered the continent and subjugated the nation of Marley for 1,700 years, and have been addressed as the "spawn of the Devil" (悪魔の末裔, Akuma no Matsuei) by the Marleyans. The latest organization was formed by an anonymous sleeper agent hidden inside the Marleyan Public Security Authority nicknamed "the Owl" (フクロウ, Fukurou), who supplied weapons, funds and historical documents to the Restorationists. 4] They can range in height from 3 to 15 meters (9.8–49.2 ft). Connie und Sasha treffen sich mit Jean, um den nächsten Schritt festzulegen. As their tasks mainly involve administrative behind-the-scenes work, they do not experience front-line combat with Titans and often reside in the comfort and safety of the innermost wall.[vol. They gave Marley freedom and power as an act of atonement for their ancestors' crimes against the Marleyans. Marley (マーレ, Māre) is a large empire located beyond the Walls and across the ocean from Paradis. Connie ist ein Auszubildener, der im Trost miterlebt hat, wie der kolossale Titan die Mauer durchbrach. A revolutionary army was formed, but the uprising was unsuccessful and crushed. 体重:55kg 3. When Armin is unresponsive, Ymir suggests simply leaving him, leading to a heated argument between her and Conny, which Christa has to break up. They interrogate him about Eren and Historia's location while Conny watches nearby, but he claims not to know anything. In Bezirk Orvud konnte seine Division erfolgreich gegen Rod Reiss' Titan verteidigen. After Armin unsuccessfully tries to negotiate with Bertholdt, Conny and his teammates use Eren's Titan form to shield themselves as Bertholdt transforms. [36], After Mikasa and Hange defeat Reiner, Conny continues to watch over Sasha's unconscious body while the rest of his teammates discuss with Hange what to do with Reiner. The Military Police Brigade (憲兵団, Kenpeidan, alt. コニー・スプリンガー (Connie Springer) 声 - 下野紘 坊主頭が特徴の小柄な少年。15歳。身長158cm。体重58kg。5月2日生まれ 。ウォール・ローゼ南区ラガコ村出身。第104期訓練兵団を8番で卒業。 "Ymir's people"), who are the only humans known to be reactive to Titan serum. The Training Corps (訓練兵団, Kunren Heidan) is the branch of the military dedicated to training and educating new recruits to become members of the three military branches.
Twitter / ShingekiKyojin: 進撃キャラのドイツ語表記。よく質問をいただくので、お答えします。... 実写版『進撃の巨人』、主人公のキャラ変更は原作者の要望…脚本・町山智浩が激白!

Conny helps Jean and Levi unchain Eren, but is left trapped with his squad, with no way of escaping the collapsing cavern. Dazu muss man zu den besten 10 unter den Rekruten werden.
There, a carriage comes crashing through and seemingly kidnaps Eren and Historia, though the kidnapped victims are actually Jean and Armin in disguise.

When Reiner tries pursuing him, Eren screams at him and Bertholdt, telling them to get away, or he will kill them.

Most Warrior cadets are recruited and trained from childhood, expected to carry out the needs of their superiors without question or objection, and serve as expendable shock troops on the battlefield, performing the riskiest and most dangerous tasks and strategies while the other Marleyan soldiers remain out of harm's way. Später ist Connie ein Mitglied des Aufklärungstrupps und wird von Mike Zakarius verdächtigt, ein Komplize von Annie zu sein[10]. Er wollte es von Reiner selbst erfahren.

Stolz demonstriert er seine Fähigkeiten, insbesondere in seiner Grundausbildung[3].

Expecting Levi to retaliate, the squad is surprised when he reacts by smiling and thanking them. In the modern era, it has become increasingly harder for Marley to still uses Eldian-transformed Titans as convenient weapons of mass destruction to maintain its status as a dominant world power, as other nations are all making technological progresses that can offset Marley's Titan advantage. They held the power of the 15-meter (49 ft) War Hammer Titan (戦槌の巨人, Sentsui no Kyojin) for generations, but only a select few knew of the inheritor's identity. Atop the ruins of his house, Conny finds an immobile Titan bearing some resemblance to his mother. 公式人気投票第1回:4位・第2回:21位 Eren's passionate words in favor of the Scout Regiment during the altercation inspire Conny to consider joining the regiment himself. Due to the rarity of these individuals, efforts are taken to ensure that, if possible, these Warriors are not put into situations which could lead to the loss of one of Marley's Titans. この作品 「コニー詰め!!【垢移動です】」 は 「進撃の巨人」「コニー・スプリンガー」 等のタグがつけられた「やおさん@たくみ」さんの漫画です。 「大好きなコニーくん詰めです。 進撃用に垢を作り直しましたので重複等あるかと思いあます。


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